Policy advice

Advice regarding a Museum for Religious Art in Uden

Client: Houben Committee

Period: 2008

Details:  The assignment is to carry out a study into the viability of the Museum for Religious Art in Uden, in part in view of the weak financial position of the museum. In this process, various options need to be assayed with regard to how realistic they are. Subjects passing in review include an intensive collaboration with the Noordbrabants Museum and plans for an expansion of the museum complex.

Result:   A study report was presented to the Houben Committee, which in turn issued an advice to the parties involved in the museum (the Municipality of Uden, the ’s-Hertogenbosch diocese and the Sisters of the Order of Maria Refuge. In part based on the study report, the Committee advised to accommodate the Museum for Religious Art in the Noordbrabants Museum in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

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Study into a new function for Soestdijk Palace

historische afbeelding jachtslot soestdijk luchtfoto paleis soestdijk

Client: Government Buildings Agency/Soestdijk Palace

Period: 2008

Details:  For the benefit of the decision-making process surrounding the definite new function of Soestdijk Palace, a survey was carried out focusing on international examples where a new purpose was assigned to (royal) heritage. The objective of the survey is to determine whether we can draw lessons from experiences elsewhere in Europe that are interesting and relevant to the process of assigning Soestdijk Palace a new function.

Result:   A quick scan mapped out a large number of locations throughout Europe on the basis of relevant aspects. In a follow-up survey, four locations were subsequently studied in more detail.

In collaboration with: Bureau Artilaw, Amsterdam

State of affairs: The survey results will serve as input in the total process of consideration surrounding the definite assigning of a new function to Soestdijk Palace.

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Museum plan Heerlen

glaspaleis_heerlen museumplan-heerlen_1

Client: Municipality of Heerlen

Period: 2004

Details:  The formulation of a coherent museum plan for the Heerlen Museums (Thermenmuseum, Hoensbroek Castle, De Stadsgalerij and the Geon Mining Museum), taking into account an intended structural saving of EUR 200,000.

Result:   Coherent Museum Plan ‘Heerlen, Historisch, Hedendaags, Helemaal actueel’ (‘Heerlen, Historic, Contemporary, Completely Current’, July 2004)

In collaboration with: Bestuur en Management Consultants, Leusden

State of affairs: The Heerlen municipal council has adopted the basic ideas of the museum plan (September 2004).

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Elaboration of the museum policy of the Municipality of Deventer

waag_sept_2003 speelgoed

Client: Municipality of Deventer

Period: 2002

Details:  Elaboration of the basic ideas of the memorandum outlining Deventer’s museum policy into concrete proposals for a renewed integral presentation of Deventer’s cultural history.

Result:   Report ‘Pronken en Lonken, Naar een wervende presentatie van de Deventer Cultuurhistorie’ (‘Flaunting and Ogling, Towards an appealing presentation of Deventer’s Cultural History’, July 2002), comprising among other things a market exploration of Deventer as a cultural-historical product (Part 1) and Cultural-historical Visitor’s Centre De Waag and the New Construction for Stadsmuseum Deventer (Part 2)

In collaboration with: Bestuur en Management Consultants, Leusden

State of affairs: The municipal council of Deventer responded enthusiastically to the plans. The museum management is presently working on the follow-up steps for the new construction for Stadsmuseum Deventer (December 2004)

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Advice regarding the expansion of Noordbrabants Museum

Client: Province of Noord-Brabant

Period: 1999-2000

Details:  Advice regarding the positioning and expansion of Noordbrabants Museum and advice about the consequences for the operating budget.

Result:   Memorandum written for the Statencommissie voor Cultuur (advisory committee on culture for the Provincial States), in which the plans for the future of Noordbrabants Museum are described within Noord-Brabant’s museum structure. Report on the consequences for operations of the expansion. Follow-up reports about the introduction of the product budget and the grant volume.

State of affairs: The Provincial States decided on the basis of the report to expand the museum and made the necessary funds available for this purpose. Plans are currently being developed for combined new construction in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Museum memorandum for the Province of Noord-Brabant

Client: Province of Noord-Brabant

Period: 1997-1998

Details:  Drawing up of the Noord-Brabant Museum Memorandum

Result:   The adoption of the museum memorandum ‘Samen Sterk Museumwerk’ (Bundled Strengths in Museum Work) by the Provincial States in 1998, with grants for the Noord-Brabant museum sector structurally raised by EUR 450,000.

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