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Project plan for relocation of Arnhem Maycrete homes from 1947 to the Netherlands Open-air Museum

Maycrete woningen Alteveer

Client: Portaal, Veenendaal

Period: 2006-2007

Details:  By order of the Portaal housing corporation, a project plan was drawn up that focused on the relocation of two so-called Maycrete homes (emergency housing from 1947) from the Arnhem neighbourhood of Alteveer to the Netherlands Open-air Museum. The plan outlines the realisation of a new public presentation dealing with the reconstruction of the Netherlands after the Second World War. The plan indicates how the project could be organised and financed. The project costs for investment and 10 years of operation amount to a total of EUR 1.2 million.

Result:   In February 2007, the project plan was presented to and approved by the Open-air Museum and the Client.

In collaboration with: Storia, Apeldoorn

State of affairs: In August 2007, Portaal decided for cultural-historical and political reasons to renovate all 16 existing Maycrete homes and to preserve them in Arnhem. This means that the various parties will not be going ahead with the plans for relocating the homes to the Open-air Museum.

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Project management Moluccan Barracks project, Netherlands Open-air Museum


Client: ‘Stichting Het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum’

Period: 2002-2004

Details:  Project management of the Moluccan Barracks project in the Netherlands Open-air Museum.

Result:   Project development, fund-raising (EUR 1,000,000), project management and project realisation.

State of affairs: The Moluccan Barracks was officially opened on 3 October 2003 by State Secretary Medy van der Laan together with the Moluccan football player Denny Landzaat. The opening festival on 3 October 2006 was attended by approximately 3,000 Moluccan-Dutch citizens.

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