Plans for the future

Plan for the future of Art Association Diepenheim

Client: Art Association Diepenheim (Overijssel)

Period: 2007-2008

Details:  By order of the Board of Art Association Diepenheim, a study was carried out into the future perspectives of the association, in part against the background of local, provincial and national developments in art and subsidy policy. Various scenarios were developed and a feasibility analysis was made. These scenarios are focused on a stronger positioning of the Art Association within the context of the 2009-2012 Culture Plan period.

Result:   In mid-2008, the Council for Culture issued a positive advice to the Minister. Art Association Diepenheim will be given a place in the national infrastructure as one of the presentation institutes for visual art. The advice was to grant a state subsidy of EUR 200,000 per year for a four-year period.

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Advice regarding a Museum of Contemporary Art in ’s-Hertogenbosch

Client: Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch

Period: 2002-2003

Details:  Formulation of an advice regarding the museum concept, positioning, relocation and financial consequences of a Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Result:   Report ‘Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst in Den Bosch, een sieraad voor de stad!’ (‘Museum of Contemporary Art in Den Bosch, a jewel in the city’s crown!’), advice to the Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch (2003)

State of affairs: The municipal council of ’s-Hertogenbosch decided in 2003 to realise new premises for the museum in the vicinity of the Noordbrabants Museum, which will be expanded.

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Plan for the future for Museum Kempenland Eindhoven

Client: Board of ‘Stichting Museum Kempenland Eindhoven’

Period: 2002

Details:  Drawing up an advice regarding the future of Museum Kempenland Eindhoven.

Result:   ‘Naar een nieuw stadsmuseum voor Eindhoven’ (Towards a new city museum for Eindhoven, December 2002), advice focusing on the future options and prospects of Museum Kempenland Eindhoven.

State of affairs: The management of the museum has adopted the basic ideas of the advice. In response to the cut-backs made by the Municipality of Eindhoven, it is currently being investigated whether the museum could possibly collaborate/merge with the Centre for Visual Art De Krabbendans (2004).

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Policy plan regarding a new Museum Apeldoorn

coda_entree kenniscentrum_coda

Client: Municipality of Apeldoorn

Period: 2001

Details:  Formulation of a policy vision regarding a new museum/cultural combination, to be formed out of the merger of Historisch Museum Apeldoorn, the Van Reekum Museum, the Municipal Archive and the public library. The new institution will be housed in a new cultural complex designed by architect Herman Hertzberger.

Result:   A policy plan ‘Nieuw Museum Apeldoorn 2002-2005’ (‘New Museum Apeldoorn’, September 2001)

State of affairs: The new Apeldoorn Museum was opened as a part of the Coda (‘Cultuur Onder één DAk’) complex in March 2004.

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Plan for the future for Museum Flehite Amersfoort (1998)


Client: The Board of ‘Stichting Museum Flehite’

Period: 1998

Details:  The writing of a plan for the future for Museum Flehite

Result:   Museum Flehite Outlook Report ‘Nieuwe uitdagingen, nieuwe kansen’ (‘New challenges, new opportunities’, May 1998)

State of affairs: In 1998, the museum management adopted the Outlook Report as a point of departure for its policy. It is presently working on the further elaboration of the scenario included in the Outlook, in which a collaboration/merger with Museum de Zonnehof at a new location forms the basic starting point (2004).

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