Operation schedules

Evaluation of the operation schedule Museum Jan Cunen Oss


Client: Municipality of Oss

Period: 2004

Details:  Evaluation of the 2001-2005 operation schedule and an update for the 2005-2008 operation schedule.

Result:   Evaluation report with recommendations for the 2005-2008 operation schedule, including proposals for internal privatisation.

In collaboration with: The museum is working on the preparations for the internal privatisation.

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Operation schedule for the Zierikzee municipal museums

Client: Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland

Period: 2002

Details:  Drawing up of an operation schedule for the municipal museums in Zierikzee, including the repositioning of these museums and their relocation to the monumental town hall complex in Zierikzee.

Result:   Operation schedule and interior structuring plan for Museum Zierikzee, ‘Naar een wervende presentatie van de rijke cultuurhistorie van Schouwen-Duiveland’ (‘Towards an attractive presentation of the rich cultural history of Schouwen-Duiveland’, May 2002)

In collaboration with: Bestuur en Management Consultants, Leusden and RPHS Architects, Arnhem

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Operation schedule Museum Jan Cunen Oss

Client: Municipality of Oss

Period: 2000

Details:  Drawing up of a long-term (2001-2005) operation schedule for the museum.

Result:   ‘Museum Jan Cunen, Portaal voor cultuur in Oss’ (‘Museum Jan Cunen, Portal for Culture in Oss’) 2001-2005 operation schedule (December 2000)

State of affairs: Most objectives of the 2001-2005 operation schedule have been realised. Museum Jan Cunen has been included in the 2005-2008 Arts Plan thanks to its exemplary role in the area of museum education.

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